Sunday, May 27, 2012

There's nothing to be done for a duck.

This is what happens when country life and modern technology mix.

I'm slowly and groggily waking up on Saturday morning, the first day of a much appreciated three-day weekend, and i pick up my phone and see if anything is happening on face book.  The first thing i see is this picture, of MY ducks, posted by a neighbor.  My neighbor friend was trying to go for a walk but noticed she was being followed.  The time on the post read "14 seconds ago."

OH NO!  

My neighbor friend was kind enough to "encourage" Wally and the wonder ducks back toward home, where they waited impatiently for me to fill up their duck pond with water so they could get a bath.

Apparently, their morning work out made them sweaty.

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  1. Beth, That was so funny! I heard this slap, slap, slap and looked behind me to find those sweet little faces looking at me. They are so cute. Glad they went home!


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