Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Little Steps

We had a couple of little farm advancements this week.

1.  We successfully doubled the size of the bee hive without getting stung.  Hopefully they'll love us better next time.

2.  We bought a barn.  See?

Well, it's more of a big shed, but since the manufacturer calls it a "side lofted barn," and because i'm a wannabefarmer, i'm sticking with barn.  

The barn is still empty, though it did recently aid in getting my additional bee hive body painted, in spite of the constant rain.  We bought this pre-owned barn (did you know you could buy a pre-owned barn?) with the intention of expanding our chicken and duck situation.  

Did i tell you that all my ducks flew away?

But we're still mulling it over and taking things one step at a time.

3.  We are growing tomatoes without a garden.  Nice.

Can you see them?  Right in front of our door, and a couple of feet from our compost heap, a rogue tomato seed has rooted, grown, and is bearing fruit, with no help from us except to try not to step on it when we go outside.

It has been eerily cool for mid-July in southeast Texas, and i'm loving it!  I think that this tomato plant must be also.

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  1. Cool Barn. Looks like a new one.

    Shame about the ducks.

    Love ya!


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