Tuesday, July 24, 2012

substitute non-hero gunslinger

The last time my gun-slingin' super hero had to go out of town for work, i was displaced from my home because of having only 1/4 or so of a bathroom in my house--and none of the important parts.

This time is better.  My beloved hero spouse left just one day after the one-year anniversary of the fire that destroyed our former bathroom.  This time, i have Über cool new bathroom, comfy home, and air conditioned vehicle.  And still, it gets awfully lonely around here in the evening.

I miss him.  And i'm grateful.

We're pretty stuck on each other, the hubby and me.  I am blessed beyond measure.

And i am really looking forward to Friday.

Until then, i'll be the substitute gunslinger around here.

Absolutely cannot get enough of that.

This has been a short, excuse of a blog, all about feeling lonely and missing my man.


  1. i miss you, too, sweetness.

  2. You two ARE sweet, and I know just what you mean. I'm not myself when the man's not around. Love is a good thing. =)


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