Tuesday, October 9, 2012

loudly beautiful i love you

I read a friend's post today, and i read some really beautiful words that articulated things in my heart that i've never had the right words for.  And it blessed my socks off.  (so to speak.)

The post i'm about to quote is found HERE.  And you should definitely read it because her point was very different from what i think my point is going to be.  And it will bless your socks off too.  Pretty much guaranteed.

But here's the part i like the most:

From him I learned that being called "weird" was just a person's way of trying to fence in what they couldn't understand. "You don't have to be like them," my parents would tell me, when I came home from school in tears because I was so weird. So I learned how to be an alien in this world, how to accept people and their limitations and how to not take myself too seriously. Being weird taught me how everyone is weird, really. There is no normal, because you can't average humanity. We are a maelstrom of ideas and passions and differences, and that's what makes life so interesting.

The reason i like this is partly because i have never been very much like anyone i ever met.  My experience has been unique.  Also, i have always been attracted to people who couldn't be quantified as "normal" by anyone's estimation.  I like people who stand out.  I like people who have the courage (or possibly the unconscious gift) to be simply who they are -- sloughing off the what-everyone-else-is-doing slime of peer pressure and social "norms," whatever that means.  I especially like people who have an opinion, originated from observation, research, and thought.

Those who the general normals might call "weird," are the people i like and feel most comfortable with.  (No offense to any of my friends or family.)  I love quirks and eccentricities and all the weird little things that make someone an individual, created by God, to be one specific human being, and not so much part of the world's mold.

As is stated above, everyone is weird.  That's why so many try so hard to be like everyone else and find "normal."  But those who can't figure out where the perceived normal is - those are the ones i relate to.  I especially love the ones who fail to fit in much more loudly than i.  I love their courage.  And their beauty.  I love their realness.

What i am stumbling awkwardly over, are the deep feelings in my heart, which are the feelings that write love letters.  Oft-repeated love letters.  Only, even with help, i can't wrap around the right words to say what i feel and how happy i am to be married to and partnered with, the most loudly beautiful man i could find.  I may have been gifted with the most individually real guy in existence.  And i adore him.  I love all of his courageousness.

I love how he helps me resist the mold more loudly.  I love how he unconsciously teaches me what's important and what is valuable.  I love how non-normal he is.  I love how he loves me.  I love how he's mine.

For the rest of you, i just want to say that normal is boring.  Not because of any other reason than that following a "norm" puts the real you behind a magazine cover that has nothing to do with anything anyone can relate to.  The only person we need to be like is Jesus.  Have the courage to be just who you are, no matter what others think.  Who you are is beautiful.  God made it.


  1. I'll be weird with you any day my beautiful friend!

  2. Very beautiful post, Beth! Thank you. :-)

  3. Very beautiful post, Beth! Thank you. :-)


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