Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Growth

If i were a better housekeeper, i might never have waited this long.  I'm not sure how long it has been.  But it has definitely been months, since i put these two stems in water.  And then this week, i noticed it.  Can you see it?  New growth.

 New growth above and below the water.  Tiny little buds of enormous potential.  Beautiful, strong, delicious, white roses are inside that tiny stem somewhere, waiting their turn.

Outside, the rose cutting in the jar, is looking greener, and i think i see tiny new leaves.  I'm not entirely sure about this, but i'm gaining hope.

I don't know if everyone does this, but it seems common for us more introverted types to kind of shut off outside communication from time to time, while important things are being developed and grown inside our hearts.  And this is what is and has been happening with me in recent weeks and months.  I'd apologize for the blog silence, but i'm not really sorry.  I'm happy to have the knowledge that the the Holy Spirit is doing some new work inside me.

That said, i would like to be able to share some of the new truths with you, (new to me, not new in general), that have been rocking my heart.  So i plan (Lord willing, the creek don't rise, and the cat stops sleeping on my keyboard), to begin sharing some little snippets of truth that i have learned from others, largely in the form of quotes and little glimpses into the lives of people who exhibit Jesus in their lives.

One of the sources of these glimpses will be the book The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom, a true story, which i have been meaning to read for literal decades and have finally completed thanks to the miracle of audio books and smart phones.  And now i could read it over and over.  I said all that to encourage you to do the same.  Read that book.  It's a true story about regular people who simply love Jesus, whose faith was put to the test in real life, where it really mattered, and God showed Himself perfectly, entirely, completely faithful.  Truly.  Read it.

See you tomorrow, with love.


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