Friday, December 7, 2012


I think it was this past weekend.  My husband went to check on the orange on the orange tree, and it fell off the twig and into his hand.  So he brought it inside.

I think we were a little afraid to eat it, not knowing how good its quality might be, still reveling in the joy of having harvested an actual piece of fruit, and not wanting to ruin it.

And i, being a girl and all, wanted us to try the orange together, and sometimes finding the perfect moment in which two people really want to have a special orange tasting moment is difficult.

This evening, feeling the relief that comes with Friday evening, we were at ease, and i drew up my courage and peeled the orange.

We each prepared ourselves and took the first bite together, just like i imagined, and you know what?

Our orange is good!  It's sweet and juicy and not at all tart, and i want some more!  But mostly i'm just so proud of our little tree!  It did such a good job!


Isn't it amazing how God can make such beautiful yummy stuff?

For those of you who are looking for the rest of the story about the mayhem (spoiler alert) of Black Friday, it's not quite over yet.  Stay tuned.  

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