Monday, January 28, 2013

Becoming Steerable

The point of this challenge, you know, isn't just to have ideas to write about so that i blog more often -- although that's a perk.  The point is to interrupt my myself.  Interrupting the day-to-day grind seems to me more and more, to be essential.

Obviously, my general quality of life and payment of bills is not affected adversely by the daily grind.  But it's the quality of LIFE that can be ground to death by the daily grind.

I'm finding that this interruption is kind of stressful.  I like my routines and my schedules and my ... sleep.

But the things that i become more than i am - always - to keep becoming more like Jesus, more like the person and the vessel that God created me to be -- are not gained by the daily grind.  They are gained by stepping beyond normal.  Beyond just doing what i need to do to get the things that i think i need to live comfortably.

This is kind of a pep talk for myself.  But also, i've been reading about people who made big big moves outside of the daily grind, that must have been very very uncomfortable.  But their contributions are eternal.  I am convinced that God can squeeze eternal contributions out of lives that are, of course, wholly devoted to Him, but also, willing to willingly step outside of normal.

What do they say?  You can't steer a car that's not moving?  Yeah, that's it.  When someone like me is willing to stray from the over-beaten path, in pursuit of God, then she is more steerable.  That's why it became so important to allow myself to be distracted from the literal path, my route to and from work - or wherever, to pay attention to the amazing beauty with which God surrounds us every day - and that we so often don't even notice, much less stop to stare.

I think God wants us to stop and stare.  Because when we stop and stare, it's hard not to notice Him.


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