Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dangerous Weekend Fun

Hi y'all!

I've been up to a lot of things this week, but i don't have anything to show for it yet.

On Thursday or Friday, must've been Friday, i was feeling o.k. with the image i saw in the mirror, and i got my camera clickin' super hero to snap some staged kitchen pics for my blog.  Some of them are pretty cute.  Others are...well, it's never good when my eyes droop in a picture, and they have a tendency to droop.  Don't know why.

While we were working on our photo shoot, we were talking and thinking together (always dangerous), and we concocted a plan to put together a cooking video.  So, on Saturday morning, i got all dolled up, as my husband would say.  While i was running some errands and paying the mortgage (we have to keep our priorities straight), hubby made specific section of the kitchen camera worthy, and we spent a large chunk of the day making thumbprint cookies on camera.  We had some trouble with the editing part of this journey, and also we messed up some of the takes.  So we were going to start over.  We had planned to do two batches anyway.  But while i was hunting up some free video editing software, some friends came by, and we visited, and ate most of the cookies, and at some point, my eyes started itching, and i rubbed off most of the "dolling up," and got tired.  It's o.k.  we can finish this up later.  It'll be great fun.

We connected my husband's phone/camera to our t.v. and watched the different takes, and it wasn't horrible at all.  I find i don't mind so much being the pudgy little woman behind the counter, cooking up delightfulness.  I'm actually kind of cute.  Although, when friends came over, and hubby decided to show them what we'd done, i couldn't watch at the same time as other people watched.  Self-consciousness is a funny thing.

I've also been working on dressing up my blog and giving it pages and stuff.  A little bit of progress always seems to take a lot longer than i expect.  I get through one little improvement, look up, and realize two or three hours have passed.  I've suffered some very short nights and extra sleepy mornings this week on that account.  But i've decided i would rather be sleepy and getting things done, than to be well rested and feeling like nothing is happening. That's for all areas of life, not just silly blogs.

For your delight, here is one of the cuter staged kitchen pictures we took on Friday.  You can't see the egg, but i'm pretending to crack it into the bowl.  (No eggs were harmed in the making of this presentation.)

Here are some of the Nutella Thumbprint Cookies we made during our cooking show.  For the record, in the future, i'll stick with fruit flavored fillings in the Thumbprint Cookies.  If i messed with the Nutella filling and made it a little thinner, it might be better, but the cookie flavor and the Nutella didn't really compliment each other as well as with the fruit flavors.  They sure LOOK good though!


  1. I thought your cookies were delicious! I could have finished them off no problem! The parts of the video I watched made me feel like I could make that cookie, since most cooking shows make things difficult:)

  2. I love that picture of you! (and the cookies aren't bad either). =)


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