Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Morfar!

Today, my Morfar (the guy on the left), turned 92.


This is one of my all time favorite people in the world.  I love him very much.

This was the best picture i could find -- Swedes squinting into the New Mexico sun -- but i have another one in my head.  Let me describe it for you.

My Morfar and i are only a little bit older than we are in this picture you see above.  Morfar and Mormor (that lovely lady on the right) are sitting in the back seat of the car, with me in the middle.  And i'm standing (these were the days when we didn't know about car seats) on my knees on the seat, fixing my Morfar's hair.    I don't know if it was this same time or not, but there's a picture somewhere -- or possibly just in my memory -- of me putting those pink sponge curlers in Morfar's flowy white old man hair... and he's just grinning, enjoying it all.  These are very fond memories for me.

Morfar is the closest distributor of the quiet and thoughtful gene in my family, and even though i have never gotten to have many normal conversations with him, in my heart, i am very close to him.  We know each other in a sort of quiet way that the loud people might not understand.

Morfar always makes me smile and makes my heart feel warm.  I'm super duper blessed to have known him my whole life.

Happy Birthday, Morfar!  I'm very thankful for you!

Love, Lisbeth

(p.s.  Mom and Dad, please get Morfar to read my blog.  Thanks!!)

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