Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Humble Challenge - The Fourth Tuesday - Re-evaluations

It's almost the end of January.

And i'm exhausted.

Someone i greatly respect said that it's good to evaluate your goals and revamp midstream.  O.k., that's not even close to a direct quote, but it's the basic idea, in my words, sort of.

In any event.

I am coming to face the fact that i have only a certain number of hours in the day.  More importantly, i have realized that the accomplishment of my goals are not accomplishing my goals.

I want to be closer to Jesus, and i want to be a better person, a better servant, a better wife, a better.....whatever.

But right now, i've been working so hard to accomplish my goals....that my house is a mess, and my normal organization is going just a little too far out the window.  I DO want to interrupt my normal routine, but not so much that i undo my previous improvements.

SO i'm taking a step back and doing something that really hurts my feelings.  I'm going to back off of my New Years non-resolutions at the end of January, which looks a lot like not being able to hack it, which i don't like admitting to.  But....well, what's the point of pretending?

I'm not abandoning the whole thing, but i'm taking a step back.  And at this point, i still plan to finish my 52 Tuesdays, but they may not read the same as the first 3 did.

Stay tuned.

In any event, again, check out my Picture Blog and my Humble Kitchen blog, which i am very excited about.   The Humble Kitchen thing is something i should've done a long time ago, and it is a very positive emergence from my Humble Challenge.

I have been reading and learning, and i do plan to teach, but i'm taking it off the schedule,so i can clean my house and pay more attention to my gun-slingin-super-hero.

Just look at him.

Oh yeah.  That's a great cause, don't you think?

I mean, where can you find a better cause than that one?

He cooks, he slings guns and shoots snakes and steps on spiders and lifts heavy stuff, and he's a hotty.  And he loves me.  And i love him.  And ..... he's just so beautiful....

Yeah, i definitely need more time for some of that.  <3 p="">

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