Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Humble Challenge, the Second Tuesday

Thing One:  Learn

I haven't learned anything about a hero yet, but i have two more weeks.  Any suggestions for who to learn about?

Thing Two:  Photograph

Have you found my Thing Two Blog?  It's where i'm putting my photographs for photographic collection.  I think this week's is amazing!

Thing Three:  Create

I have two more weeks for this one too.  But i can tell you that it's going to be another baby present for my silil.  I'm thinking i will make a cocoon, but i still need to pick out the yarn.

Thing Four:  Give

Oh shoot.  I entirely forgot about this one.

Thing Five:  Share

Oh shoot, again.

Thing Six:  Teach

Two more weeks.  I really need to pay attention and get working on this stuff.

Thing Seven:  Live

Well, i mentioned my fulfillment of this one the other day.  I made my Thumbprint cookies again.  Repetition is boring, i know.  But i discovered that i won't make them with Nutella again.  AND we started making that cooking show video, which is VERY livey, if you ask me.  It's definitely out of the norm!  So that one's all sewn up.  Can't wait to finish the video and show it to you. I'm also thinking i will create a Humble Kitchen blog for just recipes.  Actually, i have created a LOT of blogs this week.  I created one for each of my challenges, but most of them don't say anything yet.  Their addresses are fun.

and my personal favorite


Don't you wanna be a liver TOO!!?


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