Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Humble Challenge, The Third Tuesday: May i have a mulligan, please?

This is the time of the week when i should be updating my success with new recipes, new pictures, new lots of stuff - that i totally don't have today.  Sometimes a week gets away from some of us.  But, i'm not going to give myself too much slack.  The penance is that in Week Four, i MUST deliver -- on a LOT of stuff.

Here are the updates one what i DID accomplish.  I copied and pasted from last Tuesday, and then edited to update.

Prepare for disappointment -- and also, inspiration.  You'll have to hold out for the end of the blog to read the best part.

Thing One:  Learn

I haven't learned anything about a hero yet, but i have two one more weeks.  Any suggestions for whom to learn about?

Thing Two:  Photograph

Have you found my Thing Two Blog?  It's where i'm putting my photographs for photographic collection.  I think this last week's is amazing!

Thing Three:  Create

I have two one more weeks for this one too.  But i can tell you that it's going to be another baby present for my silil.  I'm thinking i will make a cocoon, but i still need to pick out the yarn.

**Week Three:  Happily, people think of me, and even though i didn't make it to the yarn store (will someone please open a yarn store very close to me?), i have been given some lovely variegated bluish yarn that will be great for this project.  --Thank you, Robin!<3 p="">
Thing Four:  Give

This one did not get away from me this time.  It simply landed in my lap.  I am very thankful for the opportunity, which i am not going to tell you about.

Thing Five:  Share

This one also sort of landed in my lap.  But the landing in my lap method doesn't really satisfy the heart of the Humble Challenge.  I have nine more days.

Thing Six:  Teach

Two One more weeks.  I really need to pay attention and get working on this stuff.

Thing Seven:  Live

My problem here, is procrastination.  I started to say that i had a crazy week, but in truth i had a crazy weekEND, and since i procrastinated my weekly goals to the long MLK weekend, and my long MLK weekend took an unexpected turn, i didn't do the things i said, within the time allotted.

HOWEVER, i DID build a Humble Kitchen blog.  I spent some late nights working on the header for that one and the new header for this one.  I intend to fill it up with tons of fun recipes in the very near future.

Speaking of kitchens and blogs, a friend said something really nice to me this week that has inspired me to pursue the cooking thing more seriously.  Up until now i've only dabbled.  This is my friend who got to see part of our yet uncompleted video.  Here's what she said: 
"Most of us find the inspiration to cook from every day people, not the ones that are commercialized and 'perfect.'  We want the lady next door to show us how to make the food that we feel we can actually make.  I am a fan for sure."

Thank you, Amanda.  You inspire me.  Your words may follow me a long time.         

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