Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the 'h' effect

Did you know?

That in South East Texas, the 'H' in the name of the city of Humble is silent?

In every day speech, that local colloquialism often kind of bleeds over into other h-words, such as, well, the same word, humble, like humble ambitions.

Herbs, in which the 'h' is supposed to be silent, is often pronounced like the short name for Herbert, which is sort of an opposite effect.

Well, that might be about the extent of the 'h' effect.

It's a fairly limited colloquialism.  But one i find very interesting.

The reason i told you this cute tidbit of information is that i am finding myself influenced by the 'h' effect in an interesting way.  For a while now, whenever i say the name of this blog in my head, i have an 'h' switch.  I call it Umble Hambitions.

Funny, huh?

I've got more fascinating stories where that came from.

Just you wait.

Also, i've updated the Umble Hpictures page.

Check it out!

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