Monday, January 7, 2013

Thing Two: Week One: Horsey

I'm a sucker for a beautiful sky, and this evening was pretty nice.  But i've done a lot of that lately, so i tried something else.  There's this farm/ranch type place that is the subject of my gawking many times throughout the year.  I was hoping that the cows were grazing picturesquely in the dead winter grass, but when i slowed down by my gawking place, i saw this fellow.  He was kind of spooked when i stopped my car, so my pictures are fuzzy and far away.  But the longer i stood and took pictures, the closer he wandered to me.  Like he was working up the courage to make a friend.  Most of the time, he just kept looking at me and then positioning himself closer.

At this point, i got a little spooked myself, and i thanked Horsey for the pictures and got in my car.  :)

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