Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

I'm pretty sure this is the fifth Tuesday.

And i am presently pleasantly relieved that i gracefully ducked out of all those obligations i placed on myself at the beginning of the year.

We've had a rocky weekend.  Yes, i know this is Tuesday.

On Sunday, everything seemed to be going pretty normally.  Until Sunday afternoon, when my sweet love (aka gunslinginsuperhero) bit down on something - i think it was his finger, heard a loud pop, and found that he had broken his tooth smooth in half.  Ugh.  And ouch.

When we got home, we discovered a flat tire on his truck, which had been sitting still - sans flat tire - since Friday.

On Monday, my hubby had 3 teeth removed from his head, leaving him with a LOT of pain, and when we got home from that, we found that one of the headlights on the car has gone out.

Also, the car payment is due.

Happily, and thankfully, God is our great provider, even when things go wrong.

We have a confirmed, very good dentist; we paid the car note; we were able to fix the truck with fix-a-flat; and my hubby has medicine that has rocked him away to sweet ( i hope ) sleep, so that his body can heal.

We have our home and each other and plenty of so many things.  Even in the midst of trouble, we have so very many blessings.  We have the love of God, most of all.

And even though i don't have two pictures or two recipes or any of those other things, it's a very thankful Tuesday.

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