Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Humble Toilet Paper, Roll 1, Square 2

Roll 1, Square 2, Email Subject Lines that Make You Go, "Hmmmmm?"

Three of these came from my own email.

All in one day.

The last two i borrowed from

1.  The late Mr. Robert Adler willed $20500000.00, to you.

That's funny.  I always imagined that when i finally inherited my billions from a complete stranger, that he would at least send me a certified letter or something.

2.  Your Honda Civic may be due for service.

This would be more helpful if i owned a Honda Civic.

3.  Lard, love it or leave it?

Have you been in my kitchen?  LOVE it!  Obviously!

4.  We can help you with your RESUM!!!

No, i don't think you can.

5.  Father's Day deal for the man who gave birth to you!

O.k., i know it's a brave new world and all, but this has GOT to have a very limited customer base.  

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