Monday, August 12, 2013

Toilet Paper, Roll 1, Square 1

My cousin-in-law, who may or may not remain nameless in order to protect her husband's humiliation quotient, has explained to me that she doesn't read mine or anyone else's blog anymore because the only time she has to read is the time that she spends participating in her daily toilet ritual.

So, for said nameless cousin-in-law, i am now experimenting with a short "toilet paper" for her potty- time amusement.

Sadly, i have probably already gone past the allotted toilet time reading limit, so we'll just have to hope for a twinge of constipation.

Here it is:  The premier publication of the Humble Toilet Paper, Roll 1, Square 1.

What kind of forest grows in the bathroom?

A toiletry forest!  

Get it?  TOILET trees!!!!!???????


Have a great day, Patsy! and toilet readers everywhere!

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