Sunday, September 22, 2013

40 Years Ago Today

This is my mom and dad.

 Forty years ago, today.

T his afternoon, my parents are being somewhat surprised with a party in their honor.

Not just for forty years of staying married.

But for forty years of serving God with their whole lives. 

Just two people who love Jesus and work really hard to obey Him.  Those are my parents.

I am so proud to come from such beautiful heritage.

And look, they still love each other, probably more than ever.

 And they're even more beautiful now than then.  I love those smiles!

And they still stop what they're doing to answer the call.  ;)  This was a funny shot.

Forty years is a very significant number to God.  Or at least it appears that way to me when i read the Bible. I am excited to see what God has in store for my parents in these next 40 years.  I don't have anything super significant to say about it.  I just want to honor my parents for their dedication to our God.  And i want to point to a modern day example of God's faithfulness.  For a very large majority of those forty years, my parents have pastored churches, praying, serving, working, sometimes bleeding, over broken hearts that need healing, people who need Jesus, families that need comfort. I have had an inside view into their lives for a significant portion of those forty years, and i have seen some - not nearly all - of the heartache and the tears and the victories and wondering and the hanging on to God even when they weren't at all sure what was going on.  They just kept hanging on to God and learning His ways and growing ever closer and never believing that they've got it all figured out and always remaining humble and inspiring greater awe in this great God who knows us all perfectly.

I love you, Mom and Dad.

I'm super duper thankful for you.  You are such a beautiful tool in the palm of the Master.

Thank you for giving to the Lord.

And i have to stop typing now because.....too many tears on the keyboard.

Happy Anniversary!!!

..........AND MANY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Beth. that was very well said. I have tears in my eyes. Iam thankful too for their obedience to the Lord and coming to Pastor in Houghton Lake. I love and appreciate them dearly and have learned so much by their example and committment to the Lord. I feel honored to also consider them dear friends as well as pastors. I have been truly blessed by them!!! Jonah


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