Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Answer: We used our pinkies, but i kept two of mine for typing.

I was sitting on my couch just now, feeling ease and relief of the signs of fall weather, and i had two thoughts.

1.  "I need to tinkle."

I know.  TMI.  But this is sort of a tell-all.  From that perspective, it's really just the right amount of I.

2.  "I think i'd like to write something."

It has been a while since i really felt like writing something, so even though i have no idea what to say, here i am, writing.

The quiet in my house is very loud to me.

The normal quiet of the roaring air conditioner having been silenced by excellent whether, i now notice every tiny breath of a sound that i would generally never perceive, and i find this very distracting and peaceful at the same time.  Not peaceful enough for sleep though.  Last night, i put the air conditioner on "fan only," just so it would make that constant sound, so that i could sleep under it's roar.  I slept very well, thank you.

This is the time of year marked by hummingbird feeding, relishing every moment of their amazing beauty, knowing they're here only a season; hot coffee during all waking hours, with the excuse it will keep me warm; a weekly schedule dictated by the Texans' game time; and keeping the chickens under protection 24/7 because the hawks - they don't play.  And that one stinks because i really want to chicken watch in the beautiful weather, but watching chickens be carried off by hawks is the absolute worst kind.

These last couple of months in our personal lives have been marked by the unexpectedly harrowing process of getting my husband some teeth.  I'm not sure it if was a childhood hatred of toothbrushes, or bad genes, or what, but the young age of 30-something, the super hero's uppers were all unilaterally declared unsaveable by the experts, and so, last month, we submitted three limbs and six digits to said experts in exchange for two months of gut turning misery and one shiny set of drop dead gorgeous plastic teeth.  (Did you know they make 'em out of plastic?  I didn't know they make 'em out of plastic!)  And now my favorite super hero smiles in pictures.  And laughs with his mouth open.  And that's the very best part.  I have always loved his smile.  But i haven't seen it unfettered in way too long.  He has the best heart warming smile.

Lord willing and the creek don't rise - so to speak - but seriously - we plan to visit my parents, during the singularly worst time of year to go to Michigan:  January.  In addition to drinking lots of coffee with Morfar, at the scheduled hours of 7, 10, lunch, 3, dinner and 7 (did i get that right, Mom?), we also plan to soak up lots of parental love and re-learn the meaning of the words "winter coat ," and "snow."  I look forward to every minute of it.

O.k.  That's all.  I'm all done now.

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