Monday, December 16, 2013

Things that make me want to hand someone a sign

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  I'm a sucker for a funny sign.

I think about things.  Sometimes with a sarcastic slant.

There's this commercial playing on t.v. lately...the only Subaru commercial i can't seem to find on YouTube...that i think is supposed to be about how Subaru drivers care about the environment and that sort of thing.  You've seen it, if you watch t.v., that is.

Well, anyway, if you don't watch t.v., and you haven't seen it, i'll tell you that the only part of the commercial that really sticks with me (i'm not even sure it's Subaru - just mostly sure) is the end, when an adorable little girl with blonde curls, with the assistance of presumably her daddy, finishes planting a tiny pine tree in an established pine forest, and then they all run happy and satisfied back to their environmentally responsible Subaru, since they have (i imagine) replaced their Christmas tree by planting a new someday Christmas tree in the forest.  Go them!

Here's the part that is driving me nuts:

On one branch of the beautiful baby pine tree, these wonderful, environmentally conscious Subaru drivers, left one small, bright red, glass ornament, just the right size that it might appear to be one giant, juicy, delectable, red berry, to some unsuspecting woodland creature that these Subaru people are supposedly caring about!

So every time i see this commercial, i can't help but imagine droves of unthinking, well-meaning, little kids hanging glass ornaments in the woods and hundreds of Bambis dying slow and painful deaths from eating the glass "berries" inspired by a drastic oversight in the environmentally unsound Subaru commercial.

Merry Christmas to Bambi! (read with very sarcastic tone of voice)

Thank you for reading.  I just kind of needed to get that off my chest.  Yes, i realize my concerns are unrealistic - at least i hope so.

Tune in next time for why posting signs on the freeway with phone numbers for who to call "in case of incident" might not be the best strategy for road safety.

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