Monday, January 20, 2014

About Food

I've been thinking about food a lot lately.  You know, with all of the many diet trends, not just nowadays, but always, it gets very confusing.

Grains are all bad.  But maybe only processed grains.  But maybe it's grains in general because of monsanto, or something else i didn't understand.  Or maybe grains are good, and it's all a scam.

And then there are eggs.  Free range, cage free, organic, vegetarian....  But maybe those words don't mean what it seems like they should mean.  Should chickens really be vegetarians in the first place?

Oils.  Olive oil is the best, but it turns out that not all olive oil is really olive oil.  It's a scam.  And did you know that even though butter is really good for you, it's only really really good for you if it's from grass fed cows?

It just keeps getting more and more complicated.  And it seems impossible to navigate.  And if you can find a source of food that seems good, do you know how they're treating their animals?  Or who's products are made from crops grown in other countries by people who are being mistreated in some way?

And don't get me started on teeth.  Clay toothpaste?  Really?  Oh and if you put your fingers under tap water, you'll absorb the chlorine through your skin.  That can't be good!!  Chlorine is poison!

Anyway, i've been thinking about all this stuff, aware that some of it has credibility, and some of it doesn't, and i don't necessarily know the difference, even when i think i do.

So i've come to a conclusion.  (As if i know what's best.) It seems like what we need to rescue us from this foodie nightmare is a reversion.  There was a time when it was normal and common and regular for each family to have a garden, a few chickens, and maybe even a milk cow or goat, just for the sake of feeding their own family.  Given, the average family back then was probably a lot larger than the average family now.  But what would happen if we all got a lot more basic about food?  What if we got networked with other people who got basic about food and knew where our eggs and our beef came from because we drove past that pasture on our way to work every morning?  What if we had fresh vegetables from our own yard and exercise from working it?

O.k., it's late at night, and i'm having a little wannabefarmer fantasy, but wouldn't a lot of things be better, not just food things, if we did things a lot more like the old fashioned family farmy kind of living?  Just think about it.

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