Thursday, January 2, 2014

Swedish Cookies and Other Refreshments (sorry this is not a recipe post)

One of our humble ambitions for the new year is to make a visit to see my parents in the great white snowy north.  This hopeful date (the specifics of which i am not going to announce on the interwebs because i don't want to invite some mean sneaky robbers to break into our house and meet the reportedly trigger happy fellow who's watching the place while we're gone) is coming up, sometime sort of soon, and i've been making plans.

I'm kind of excited.

I made a map.

I've flagged restaurants that have been on t.v. . . .  and Love's truck stops because i like that place.

Several years ago when my gun slingin' super hero and i made a similar trip, i learned that road trips with my hubby are tons of fun, so we're doing it again.  I'm including the hyper-planning for extra extra fun!  And because i'm too excited.

One of the restaurants on my map is a place called Gizzard City.  How can you not at least try to go to a place called Gizzard City?  I mean really.  How?!

The most exciting part is that i get to see the people whom i love and who gave me life!  I miss them.

Crocheting with Mom.  Breakfast with Dad.  Coffee with Morfar...7 times a day.  (That guy really gets behind some coffee drinking.)

And we're thinking of doing something crazy non-Texan, like snowmobiling or ice fishing!  That has to be an adventure.  And if we can handle the sub-freezing cold in the ice shanty (house on the ice with no floor),  long enough to catch a fish, we will have really done something neato.  I'll do my best to take pictures.

And then...when we get back....i need to find a kitten.  Well, we have quite a few goals to jump headlong into when we get back, but first, a kitten.  Anybody wanna give me a good kitten?  I need a kitten.

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