Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tiny Potential

Right after Christmas time, one day we came home and found our beautiful Buff Orpington rooster mysteriously missing from the coop.  Since the chicken run was completely undamaged, we concluded that some chicken-hungry neighborhood dogs must have somehow lured or found him escaped from the chicken run.  He was a beautiful beautiful rooster, and one who was raised by our previous stay-at-home rooster dad, who sadly came to a similar fate.

This sudden loss of good genes in the flock inspired an immediate rush to reproduce a new flock leader.  The fertilization of a rooster, lasts 3 to 4 weeks in the hen, so i have collected every egg laid since December 28 to incubate, plunging our reduced chicken farm, head long into full-on chicken production.

I'm so excited!

Incubating chicken eggs is one of my all time favorite activities, and right now i have two incubators baking my tiny buns in the oven, and i find it very very exciting.  All those little lives quietly baking is too much fun!

As a result of this mad dash to save good chicken DNA, we are also preparing to expand our little chicken operation to accommodate whomever of these 49 cuties may hatch into little feathered darlings.  Coop expansion, run expansion, brooder preparation......wannabefarming is totes magotes awesome sauce!

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