Wednesday, February 26, 2014


After postponing and replanning our trip to see my family in the great white north, at least twice, my gun-slingin super hero (who did not sling his gun in Michigan because you get arrested for that sort of thing up there), and i finally got to make our trip to Michigan and spent most of a week visiting my Mom and my Dad and my Morfar (which for you English-speakers is my mother's dad, or my grandfather, Pappaw, Grampy, or whathaveyou).  

We drove, which proved to be very exciting, and i have so many moments i don't want to forget, that i might have to write about our trip for the next month or so.  And i apologize ahead of time if i bore you, but in addition to writing for the entertainment or edification of my public (that's hilarious!), i also use this blog as a calendar that doesn't get lost in my filing cabinet.  

What i'm saying, is it helps me remember stuff.

Our previous plan for our trip was in January, and in order to attempt to avoid some snow, we had planned a route through Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; and Indianapolis; and as part of our exciting vacation plans, i had searched out interesting restaurants on Food Network (dot com) that we could visit along the way.  But by the time we got to leave on Valentine's Day, the current "polar vortex" seemed to have its aim on the deep south, so we reverted back to a route that followed from Texarkana, to Little Rock, to Indianapolis, to Lansing, Michigan, to Mom and Dad and Morfar.

I attempted some seat-of-the-pants restaurant picks and was mostly unsuccessful in finding anything particularly (or at all) impressive, but when we got to the last day of our trip northward, and as dinner time approached, i realized with great delight, that we would get to visit my very most looked-forward-to as-seen-on-tv exciting restaurant, in Potterville, Michigan.  I told you about it before.  It's called, Joe's Gizzard City.  And if you had any idea how i feel about a gizzard, you would know that i have been looking forward to my Gizzard Sampler Platter, a hearty portion of traditional, garlic & herb, and cajun flavor, with a side of cocktail a hungry cat whose heart and body leap as though it has never been fed at the very first sound of the piercing of the can of cat food by the can opener.  I love a gizzard.

So we navigated our way through the dark, snowy streets of Potterville, found our chosen Dive, and ordered our dinner.  This isn't a food review, so i'll just tell you that this was both very exciting and exceptionally disappointing.

But we ate a little, had really really bad iced tea, did not plan to return to Gizzard City (like ever), and finally made it to our destination.  My parents' finished basement served as the hands down best ever hotel stay on our trip.

More later.

Sorry, Joe.

That's just not good cat food.

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