Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty Cabinet Genes

One of the things that impressed me while i was visiting my folks, is how beautifully organized my mother is. She's not organized in the creepy way you see in docudramas about disturbed people or anything.  But really organized.  I noticed when i was looking for a plate or something and saw that the inside of her cabinet was pretty.  Not just stacked nicely.  It was pretty.  "Where, oh where, are my pretty cabinet genes?" They have to be in there somewhere, don't they?

When i came happily home to the happiness of a non-snowy Texas winter, i was disappointed that i was disappointed when i walked into my own house -- because my mom's is SO much better.  Well, not her house exactly -- although my parents do have a pretty awesome house, and finished basements are great!  But, what i mean is, she just really keeps a nice house, and i'm kind of jealous.  She's really really good at this stuff.  And i'm....well, not as much.

Happily, at the end of my vacation to Michigan, i had another week of vacation reserved for hanging around my house and doing what i feel like at the time.  And i have been spending it, largely, in an attempt to awaken my mother's pretty cabinet genes.  Today was pretty successful in that area.

Well, i don't have a lot in the way of cabinets in my house just yet.  What i do have is drawers.  With great happiness, lots and lots of drawers.  The great thing about a drawer is that you can throw a lot of random objects into it, and it will contain them and help you to believe that you are organized.  Likewise, the bad thing about a drawer is that you can throw a lot of random objects into it, and it will contain them and help you to believe that you are organized.  See what i did there?

I have a specific bank of such drawers in my kitchen which has come to serve as a sort of tool and nail and screw drop of bucket, and boy was it a mess!  This afternoon, i gained the courage to tackle the hoards of random useful items that i have multiples of but might never use for lack of ability to locate them in the horrible mess,  and i conquered it.


And now i'm very sleepy, and i have to go to bed.

Thanks, Mom, for the genes and the inspiration.

I can totally find my glue now.  It's awesome.

I'm going to sleep better tonight; i just know it....dreaming of organized drawers and genetically pretty cabinets.


  1. I love it, but I gotta ask... will you be able to keep it that way? I often get into those organizing modes and then rapidly lose all sense of organization as time progresses. =)

    I am so happy you got to finally go home for a visit. My mom may not be not so great at organizing, but she has the NEATEST things sitting around and has a knack for arranging things. Therefore, I get neat-thing envy when I am at her house. I know exactly what you mean.

    Take care, Beth!

    1. Hi Angela! The answer is, no. Of course not! :) But it gives me a starting point and such a wonderful sense of peace in between now and when it all goes the way of chaos. I thought of you when thinking about our visit to see my family. I knew you would understand how important that is.


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