Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chicken Love

 I had thought that the chicken coop would be entering a time of extreme chaos by now.

I now have these six itty bitties and their protective mama,

six of these medium bitties, 


and these two big ol' bitties, who have remained unexpectedly tolerant of all the kiddos wandering around these days....

Every morning and evening and in between, when i visit my growing flock, i am re-surprised by the peace in the coop.  I'm super thankful.  Caring for chickens is great therapy for every kind of stress, and even more so when they're peaceful and happy.

On Monday, i have plans to begin incubating a heavy addition to the flock population, which may indeed fulfill my chaotic expectations.  That will be fun too.

This is another picture of the mama and her babies because they're beautiful.

In other news, our scaredy cat has found a hiding place behind a drawer in our laundry room and does not seem to have a great desire for relationship with humans.  The big moment of excitement this week, was when she voluntarily came out of hiding while we were awake and nearby.  However, she looked at us with a great deal of suspicion and skulked back to her hiding place with expedience.



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    1. Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your saying so, and i'm very very glad that it helped you!


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