Sunday, March 13, 2016

Automatic Chicken Door!

In the life of every chicken keeper is the daily chore of opening and closing the chicken door, the tiny chicken size door on the back of the chicken coop, that lets the chickens out into the chicken yard.  In my particular case, this also includes walking into the chicken coop (usually in my work clothes), bending down underneath the nest boxes, and prying out the piece of wood which is wedging the door in place, and then wedging it differently to keep the door open.

The placement of the door is important because the nest boxes have a slanted top.  This was supposed to keep the chickens from hanging out up there, but apparently the slant isn't severe enough to disuade them, and they hang out up there anyway.  

And anywhere chickens hang out, chickens poop.


This is important because chicken poop sometimes doesn't stay where it's dropped off, especially if it's dropped off on a slanted surface, and then gravity takes over and if there happens to be someone bent over under the nest boxes, in their work clothes.....well, you get the picture.


And also that makes you late for work, especially if you accidentally get it in your hair while you're changing your clothes.

Yes. Ew, again.  But with tears this time.

This weekend, my gun-slingin' super hero, this time slinging some wonderful technical know-how, came to my rescue.    It's a prototype.  Be patient.  Here comes the magic. It's slow magic - on purpose, so it doesn't accidentally crush chickens. This is important.

By remote control from my kitchen, i can make this happen.

You should turn on your volume.  It's great.

Coming soon - chicken door on a timer...  Too much excitement!


  1. I think that you've got a genius for a husband! I'd like to see the chickens come out. That would convince me that it is working properly and it would be more fun to watch too! Genius husband, for sure!

    1. I agree! The chickens are a little bit to leery of the new fangled technology right now, but hopefully i can get a new video soon. :)


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