Sunday, September 2, 2018


I'm not sure whether i still know how to do this, but i'm going to give it a shot.

I saw this meme recently, and it inspired me to say some stuff.

A quick disclaimer:  i didn't take this picture, and i didn't create this meme, and i don't know who did.  I do know that i have seen this picture with various captions in various places on the internet, so i don't think it's under copyright, but if it is, i will be happy to give credit to whom it is due.  It's a great picture!

Let me ask you something.  Do you think that the tall dog is a more praise-worthy dog than the little dog?

I mean, the tall dog can probably run faster, jump higher, and obviously wade through mud puddles with less-overwhelming mud-staining than the little dog.  So obviously the tall dog is a better, harder-working, better trained, dog, right?  You can tell because he's taller than the little dog, right?

Does that sound silly?

Let me ask you something else.  Do you ever put yourself down because your natural talents and abilities don't match someone else's?  Do you compare yourself to others and make judgments about your own worth based on that comparison?

Isn't that ridiculous when you think about it?

Can you imagine if the little dog in this picture came to you feeling depressed and inferior because he couldn't stay as clean in the puddle as the big dog?

Would that ever even happen?!  No, of course not!

These two dogs aren't worried about who is what size!  They're just happy to be running through the mud puddles together!  The little dog doesn't have any control over how tall he is, and the big dog doesn't have any control over how long his legs are.  They were made by their Creator to have certain natural attributes, and they're different because they were made that way!

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