Humble Purpose

When , i started writing this version of my blog, about five years ago, or so, i was embarking on what i thought would be the adventure of the rest of my life.  I was going to be a full time homemaker, hopefully a mother, a chicken chaser, all those country life things we've dreamed about.  

Then, almost two years ago (feb of 2010), we made the decision that i would go back to work.  At the time, i believed this was temporary.  (Well, everything is temporary). But i am realizing now, that this is where God has me, at least for now.  And i'm realizing that it isn't in my best interests to second guess how long i will or won't be...anywhere.    I'm also realizing that this is going to be just another learning experience on my way to becoming who God wants me to be.

Now, i say that when i went back to work, it was like picking up right where i left off.  And that's kind of true.  But my 3 years out of the workforce was monumental for my character, for where i find my indentity ( in Christ ) and where i don't find my identiy ( in my job ).  When i first went back to work, i was struck by how far God had brought me.  And now that i've been back for a while, i'm seeing that God has lots of new lessons to teach me, through being ON the job.  I can't explain it exactly, except to say that i think He wants to teach me how to be fully myself, and still be an excellent employee AND excellent wife AND an excellent part time homemaker/chicken chaser.


Hi there!  Thanks for coming around and reading my blog.  My name is Beth.  I'm the lady who does all the blathering on 'round here.  Here's a little peak and who i am and why i write: 

Who am i?

I'm a wife, a homemaker, a daughter, a friend, and most importantly a child of God.

What do i want?

First, i want my life, my words, my actions, to somehow affect the people i love, the people i come in contact with, the people who read what i write, the people who may someday hear about my life, to come closer to knowing our God, the One described in the Holy Bible (in case there was any confusion).

I want to be a godly wife, a godly mother (no kids actually live in my house YET, but that's coming), a good friend. I want to honor the Lord by exercising wisdom in my life, and i do not want to be dependent on the world's system for my survival.

I want to write and connect and sometimes entertain and maybe even teach.

I want to honor God.

What do i do?

I spent my days trying to learn to be a farmer, a better country girl, a better wife, and a better child of God. This changed in 2011, when i went back to work in a neighboring county courthouse. So i'm also learning to be a good employee, without compromising my chief loyalty, which is to the Lord God, whom i desire to honor and obey in every facet of life.

I am married to my perfect match. He's big and strong and protective, yet he sews, gardens, and cooks. He's smart and artistic and funny. He can build anything, move anything, conquer anything, and he loves me better than i ever imagined a husband could. He's a homegrown Texas boy through and through. And he's my perfect match from God. You will hear me refer to him as my something-slinging-super-hero, or something similar from time to time. He's my gun slingin' super hero, my hoe slingin' super gardener, my kitten lovin' super husband. Whatever. I think he's super.

We are recent owners of a very small country house on a smallish plot of land in the middle of the woods, not very far from a small town where we both went to high school, in East Texas. Our goals include using this land to develop a level of food sovereignty. To that end, we have a small flock of chickens who started laying eggs the beginning of 2010. We learned that we are not rabbit ranchers in 2010, but we still have a growing garden and hopes to obtain something we can milk, and the know-how to fish and hunt for our food. We would like very much to make our own cheese and butter, and put away a store of canned fruits of our labor like our grandparents did.

Simplicity, these are a few of our humble ambitions.

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  1. I was looking for your fig recipe but did not find. thanks.enjoying your blog.


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